Sarah Brightman Live From Las Vegas 2 DVD

The Harem World Tour: Live from Las Vegas (2004) contiene una selección de canciones de su concierto en Las Vegas, parte de su gira "Harem".

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1. Kama Sutra
2. Harem (Camcao do Mar)
3. Beautiful
4. It's A Beautiful Day
5. Dust In The Wind
6. Who Wants To Live Forever
7. Anytime, Anywhere Interlude
8. Anytime, Anywhere
9. Nella Fantasia
10. Stranger In Paradise
11. La Luna
12. Nessun Dorma
13. No One Like You
14. Arabian Nights
15. The War Is Over
16. Free
17. What A Wonderful World
18. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
19. Phantom Of The Opera Suite
20. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
21. Time To Say Goodbye
22. The Journey Home
23. A Question Of Honour

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Duracion del dvd 2 110 minutos

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