Pink Live In Europe DVD

Pink: Live in Europe es el primer DVD musical de la cantante Pink, lanzado en 2006. Se grabo durante las fechas en europa durante el Try This Tour en el año 2004.

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1. Intro/Can't Take me Home
2. There You Go
3. Split Personality
4. Most Girls
5. Lady Marmalade
6. I Wanna Rock
7. Don't Let Me Get Me
8. 18 Wheeler
9. Family Potrait
10. Just Like A Pill
11. Respect
12. My Vietnam
13. Misery
14. Eventually
15. Summertime
16. Me and my Bobby McGee
17. Piece of my Heart
18. Feel Good Time
19. God is A DJ
20. Oh My God
21. Trouble
22. Last To Know
23. Try Too Hard
24. Unwind
25. Welcome to the Jungle
26. Get the Party Started

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  • Origen: Argentina


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